Utility Trailer

Utility Trailer

At ASECO, we design, develop, test and manufacture new equipment and products to address our customers’ drilling and completion challenges. We offer a wide range of essential oilfield equipment and services, a full range of high-quality standard parts and products and can also develop customized solutions for specific customer needs. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver the most cost-effective and reliable products in the shortest possible cycle times.

Well Testing and EPS is one such facility which includes internal services like offshore packages, onshore packages, other accessories, and EPS. Utility trailer is a part that comes under onshore package that are available as services and products at ASECO. Utility trailers include facilities like utility well test, high pressure pipe package, utility trailer manufacturers and suppliers.

Office/Workshop Container

  • Equally split into a 10 ft compartment for office and workshop
  • Internally insulated office area
  • Air conditioned
  • Access Door
  • Work table with drawers, overhead cupboards
  • Chairs
  • Power sockets 110 V and 220 V
  • Emergency shut off button
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Window
  • UPS for Power Supply for data acquisition
  • Workshop area comprises of workbench, bench vice, drawers, air supply, white board, cooling fan, storage racks etc


  • 1 x 135 KVA 3 phase Diesel Engine driven Generator in sound proof enclosure

Air Compressor

  • 1 x 75 scfm electrically driven twin air compressor with 900 litre storage tank

Pipe Package

  • 1 x set of high pressure and medium pressure pipework consisting of 50 ft of 3" 1502 , 10 ft of 3" 206 and 100 ft of 4" 206
  • Each size and ratings supplied with elbows, tees and crossover

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