Onshore Package

Onshore Package

ASECO had designed and manufactured the single and twin trailer concept for surface well testing.

The Trailer Packages comprise of two 40 ton payload desert application trailers equipped with all the necessary surface well testing equipment to perform all testing operations in the field. The trailers are termed as Process Trailer designed for Zone 1 area which comprises of all process equipment and secondary trailer termed as Utility trailer, designed for non-zoned area which consists of all support equipment.

Primary (Process) Trailer Speciafications:  
 - 60 feet Primary Trailer length 
- Process equipment such as Separators, Surge tank, Pumps skids, 10K/ 15K psi Choke manifolds, SSV manifolds, etc mounted trailer 
- Explosion proof (Ex-D) lighting system 
- Emergency Shutdown system (ESD) 
- Zone 1 rated system 
- Data Acquisition system (DAS)   

Utility Trailer Specification:
- 20' Office Container 
- Diesel Generator sets 
- Utility/ Instrument air compressor package 
- Diesel storage system 
- Piping package 
- Flood lights 
- Trailer for SAFE zone

For further details refer contact the sales department at sales@equipment.ae 


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