Gauge Tanks

Gauge Tanks

At ASECO, we design, develop, test and manufacture new equipment and products to address our customers’ drilling and completion challenges. We offer a wide range of essential oilfield equipment and services, a full range of high-quality standard parts and products develop customized solutions for specific customer needs. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver the most cost-effective and reliable products in the shortest possible cycle times.

Well Testing and EPS is one such facility which includes internal services like offshore packages, onshore packages, other accessories, and EPS. Gauge Tank is a part that comes under offshore package that are available as services and products at ASECO.

Gauge tank is a small tank with precise volume markings used to measure flow into or out of a well. In other words gauge tank also means liquid measurement in large storage tanks to determine product volume. This helps in reducing uncertainty in oil inventory and transfers, improves safety, simplify installation and terminal operations.

The atmospheric gauge tank is part of the standard equipment for well testing, it is used to measure low flow rates or to calibrate metering devices on the separate oil lines in a testing system. The tanks can also be used for temporarily storing oil. And hence can also be called temporary oil tanks. These tanks are skid mounted units or trailer mounted test units, have two compartments. As a transfer pump empties one compartment, the other starts getting filled.

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