Gas / Liquid Metering Skid

Gas / Liquid Metering Skid

Whichever technology you are interested in, whatever your budget maybe, and whatsoever the application, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to deliver high quality gas metering skid packages to suit your needs. ASECO’s low gas metering skid systems are successfully installed all across UAE, Kuwait, Oman and many more. Our experience will give you the guarantee that your application is expertly metered at source. ASECO provides compact, well-engineered gas metering systems, either skid mounted or in cabinet. Skid mounted gas / liquid metering allows for fast on-site erection.

Key features include reliable and proven equipment, high accuracy in pressure regulation as well as flow measurement. All our systems are easily available for maintenance and we have market leading software that automatically analyzes and reports the measurements from the metering system. All our metering systems can be customized and fully optimized to ‘plug n play’ in the environment that the end user needs to work on.

ASECO designed standalone low gas metering skids are used for measuring extremely low gas flow rates where conventional Separator Meters are too large for the flow. Skid mounted Gas / Liquid Metering comprises of inlet/outlet hammer unions, bypass valve, Daniel Junior Orifice Meters, an air operated back pressure valve and a chart recorder.

Simple or complex, you can rely on our expertise

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