Early Production System (EPS), in general, is provided as a cost-effective solution for an early discovery and production prior to establishing a full field development of a reservoir for oil and gas production.

An Early Production System consists of Oil conditioning system, Crude Oil Storage facilities, Gas flaring systems and Crude oil metering system and transfer system along with process and utility systems. The components in an EPS for onshore application will be skid mounted to facilitate easy mobilization between locations. The complete package will generally be automated, monitored & controlled from a Process Control Unit which will be located in a safe area. Process system manufacturing is also done with state of the art engineering and innovative approach.

The EPS primarily consists of the following units –

Process systems

  • Inlet Well flowlines, Test Header and Production Header
  • Indirect (Water/ Glycol) Bath Heater
  • Oil Conditioning system- 2 / 3 Stage Production Separators
  • Crude Oil storage system
  • Crude Oil transfer/ pump system
  • Crude Oil metering system

Process and Utility Systems

  • Gas flaring system
  • Power Generation System
  • Instrument air System
  • Chemical Injection System- Corrosion inhibitor and demulsifiers, scale inhibitors, etc.
  • Drain System - Closed and Open
  • Emergency Shut down and Process Control System
  • Safety system

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