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We value our team and people and we consider them as our most valuable asset. For us health and safety is not just a goal, but it is a part of our culture with our multi dimensional approach. Through continuous improvement, risk assessment and stringent procedures and processes, we continue to enhance our health and safety standards.

In all of our activities we have a successful track record of reducing project costs, improving schedules, managing risks, maximizing safety and meeting key objectives. What sets us apart is our commitment to seeing each project through its successful completion.

A deep commitment to sustainability runs throughout Al Shirawi Equipment Company as we continue to innovate and develop sustainable products to minimize environmental impact. Sustainability challenges us to find new and better ways of interacting with our world. It teaches us to shift our focus from doing the least harm to doing the most good. It confronts us with the need to manage our resources wisely, to promote the health and safety of our employees and communities and to ensure that our products and services add real value. To this effect, we are one of the very few companies to have acquired a global ISO 9001, 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certifcations, covering everything from design, development & production to sales and service of transportation equipment, process vessel and storage tanks in the Gulf region under the brand name ATLAS.

Recent achievements include the supply corner less container trailers to Port services, Oil field flat bed trailer, car carriers, transit mixer, refuse compactor to name some few. Along with conventional transport vehicles, Al Shirawi Equipment Company’s product range includes specialized products such as refuse ejection trailers, tripod silo, cement blender trailer, DNV/IMDG certified storage tanks, ASME U and U2 stamped pressure vessels, 120 T Multi trailer system, grain trailers, aerial platforms, Oilfield bulkers and others.

To ensure the latest technology for its clients, Al Shirawi Equipment Company has signed techno-commercial agreements with reputable international names such as Goldhofer (heavy-duty low bed tralers), Hermann’s (cement bulkers), Barywal (concrete mixers). Whale tankers (cesspit emptier), Construzioni Ecologiche Srl (refuse compactors) and Hyva (Skip Loaders). Licensing and distribution deals with 20 multinational corporations give Al Shirawi Equipment Company an edge in the supply of the technologically advanced equipment.

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Our Partners

At Al Shirawi Equipment Company, we value diversity, innovation, committment and quality control as core components of companies we trade and do business with. Our approach is to build long term relationships based on common values shared between our customers and business partners. Our strategic partnerships play an integral role in developing Al Shirawi Equipment Company to what it is today and create value to our customers. Due to the wide variety of technologies and processes employed in the Oil and Gas sector, we have recognized and...

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