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Al Shirawi Equipment LLC since 1976 has been at the forefront with advanced techniques and technological innovation in developing custom built fabrication in the region and beyond. With our resilient business approach, we have adapted to the most recent evolutions to become one of the leading engineering specialists to offer complete solutions and execute complex projects.

Our success is built on over 40 years of rich history. Our extensive experience, combined with our broad competencies of our specialists, infrastructure and facilities has allowed Al Shirawi Equipment Company to be a reliable name across the most demanding oil & gas, petrochemical and other industries across the globe. Our reputation as the experts in the industry reflects in the technical knowledge and involvement of our teams across all phases of our customer’s assets lifecycle.As we continue to expand and grow, we invest our excellence in developing world class integrated engineering services to serve our global clientele, while remaining loyal to our values of quality, responsibility and performance.

With our proven track record and innovative engineering solutions and backed by a strong financial position; we extend our focus on quality, health & safety and environment sustainability.And our commitment is always to provide long-term solutions that deliver value to our customers, no matter what the project is.  Our growth strategy has always been to work hand in hand with our customers throughout the project life cycle. As a result, our services span from Well Services and completion, Well Testing & EPS, customized fabrication and transportation.

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At Al Shirawi Equipment Company, we value diversity, innovation, committment and quality control as core components of companies we trade and do business with. Our approach is to build long term relationships based on common values shared between our customers and business partners. Our strategic partnerships play an integral role in developing Al Shirawi Equipment Company to what it is today and create value to our customers. Due to the wide variety of technologies and processes employed in the Oil and Gas sector, we have recognized and...

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